Shirley King

About Me

In March of 2003 I had sold my Financial Planning practice in Troy, MI and retired to Fairfield Glade with my husband Marvin. We had purchased property on Lake Dartmoor in 1990 on the way home from a vacation. We had stopped to visit with some former clients that had moved here and fell in love with the area. We felt the purchase was a good investment at the least – and perhaps this is where we would relocate in the future. Over the next 13 years we continued to look at retirement areas in other states, but whenever we returned here to visit – this felt like home! We sold our home in Michigan and moved here in the spring of 2003. The Cumberland Plateau is not only a beautiful part of the country, but such a friendly, welcoming community. The variety of culture, sports, and a myriad of other activities, combined with a very affordable lifestyle, made this the perfect choice for us.

After three years, although there is plenty to do here, I found I missed the client relationships, and the tremendous satisfaction I received from helping clients reach their goals. In my former career this meant helping them plan, save and invest toward different goals – among which was planning for retirement and in many cases planning for relocation.

Real estate has always been an interest of mine and I believe I have the sales experience and business ethics to help new clients find that perfect home. I also find I can help existing homeowner clients sell their homes effectively. I joined Hughes Real Estate Services in 2008 as an affiliate broker and enjoyed developing my skills, building a client base and learning the community better. Hughes merged with Prudential Reeves and Brown in May of 2011. While a fine company, I found I missed the community friendly relationship of a smaller company.

In August of 2011, I transferred to Happy Hound Realty under the ownership of Karen Bertram. I have known Karen, and her team, for several years and greatly respect their professionalism and their involvement in the community. I look forward to spending the rest of my career with Karen and her knowledgeable agents. Much like Karen’s happy hound, Jude – I feel I have found my “happy home”, too.